Hakan Kimeiga Alpay

Hiya! I’m a game, graphic, and web developer! I'm studying computer science at UCLA.



Zenith Insurance: App Developer Intern

Summer 2018

Node.js: Open Source Contributor

December 2017

Zenith Insurance: App Developer Intern

Summer 2017



C#, C++, Java, SQL, JavaScript, JSX, HTML, CSS, Python, Bash, LINQ, Spanish


Unity, Figma, Heroku, React, Preact, Angular, GDB


UCLA: BS in Computer Science

August 2017 — June 2021

Coursework: Data Structures, Algorithms, Linux, Object Oriented Programming, Optimization, Multi-threading



March 2018 — 2019; mappening.io

“Too Many Authors” React App

April 2018; toomanyauthors.com

Multiplayer Rocket-Jump FPS Game

August 2017

UCLA Roommate Matcher 2018

Summer 2018; kimeiga.github.io/ucla2021

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I write my blog posts on my separate blog site: Life of Kimeiga. Here are some of the best!

I created a 10KB classless CSS framework


Broken Mechanics in the Game of Life


Rapid-Prototyping and Perfectionism



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About Me

I started programming games in early high school

I remember when my brother came back from Japan to visit and gave me his copy of Unity 3.x: Game Development Essentials. I barely knew what a computer was.

But I really liked video games, and I loved to idea of making them. So I finished my studying early that night, and started the tutorial in the book. It was really thorough and within the week I had finished my first first person adventure game written in C#! Excited, I had my parents sat down and play it (no small feat).

Ever since then, I've been programming games, websites, applications, languages, etc. I also love videography, sketching, and trying my best on the ukulele. Life has treated me well, and I've been lucky enough to get good grades while also having fun making cool things!

I hope to continue that into the future; let's see where this goes.